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"Best Results Anyone Could Hope For"

“We met Gene, in our opinion, through divine intervention. As a caregiver and having power of attorney for an elderly friend, it was when she had to be placed in an assisted living facility that things began to get legally complicated. Through the facility where our friend was staying, we received an announcement that there would be a seminar sponsored by Gene Robinson dealing with legal issues and responsibilities of a caregiver. Thus began a journey that we are still on, but that has not been a journey alone. After the passing of our dear friend, Gene has been guiding us through all the legal technicalities of Probate Court; he accompanied us through a one-day, five-hour struggle with a renowned bank involving her estate; relatives who thought they had legal right to the estate; and among other things on the positive side, dealing with a national university bequeathed an endowment in the name of the decedent.

Dealing with another person’s life-long possessions has been a monumental challenge, but knowing that we have a knowledgeable, understanding, kind and always available resource as Gene Robinson III as our ‘go to’ person, makes this journey possible with the best results anyone could hope for! And we know in our heart our dear friend approves.”

— Norma, Arlington, Virginia

"Terrifically Good Job in All Decisions"

“Attorney Gene Robinson is our father’s guardian. My father, who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, was in need of placement in an assisted living facility because he was becoming difficult to manage at home. As my father’s guardian, Gene facilitated a placement for my father in an assisted living facility and subsequently placed my father in the hospital and close nursing home after consulting with family members. Gene has also always kept our family included and informed of any changes in my father’s condition. This has been especially important to us since we live out of state. Gene has done a terrific job in all decisions concerning my father’s care.”

- Linda, Crystal Lake, Illinois

"Gene Is the Only One that We Would Unequivocally Recommend"

"My husband, mother and we have appreciated Gene Robinson’s competence and integrity since we first met him many years ago. He made the trust planning and creation process simple and easy to understand.

When we recently purchased property in the Virgin Islands, Gene “went above and beyond” in dealing with the title attorney and making sure that our trusts were handled properly.

We have dealt with several other trust attorneys in the past for our parents and Gene is the only one that we would unequivocally recommend."

- Katherine, Oak Hill, Virginia

"Gene Creates a Personable Office Atmosphere and He Enjoys People"

"Gene has kept my Revocable Trust current for several years, and also assists me in navigating through another very complicated Trust. Prior to Gene, whenever I met with a previous attorney I left feeling as if I didn’t have the opportunity to ask all my questions. I felt I needed a change when a difficult problem arose and the attorney’s business formality and neutral attitude actually added to the stress of the newly arisen trust problem.

Gene was recommended to me. Gene creates a personable office atmosphere and he enjoys people. I don’t feel there are constraints in asking him for clarifications. He’s relaxed when explaining legal ramifications and gives his personal insights appropriately. He offers helpful recommendations, and there is no pressure as he explains the pros and cons for me to decide. I no longer dread meetings with my attorney because Gene makes legal issues as client friendly as possible."

- Claire Suen, Arlington, Virginia