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Elder Abuse & Neglect Attorneys in Arlington, Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Seeking Justice for Victims of Elder Abuse & Neglect

Accomplished D.C. Metro Area Law Firm Files Claims When Seniors Suffer Harm

Whether they live at home or in a care facility, elderly residents are vulnerable to mistreatment. When this occurs due to neglect or intentional harm, victims deserve an advocate who will protect their legal rights and hold the wrongdoers accountable. Gene Robinson Law, PLC represents seniors who have been physically abused or neglected. Given our substantial experience, we understand how to investigate and litigate these claims and pursue compensation on behalf of the injured parties.

Knowledgeable Lawyers Pursue Compensation for Negligence & Carelessness

At Gene Robinson Law, PLC, we are committed to asserting the rights of seniors and obtaining appropriate damages for all types of misconduct directed at them, including:

  • Nursing home abuse or neglect

  • Financial exploitation by a family member or caregiver

  • Physical mistreatment by a family member or at-home caregiver

  • Undernourishment

  • Lack of proper hygiene

  • Mental or verbal abuse

  • Falls caused by failure to perform required monitoring

For these claims and other conditions, our attorney will initiate an investigation and work to obtain a full financial recovery from the responsible parties.

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Skilled Advocates Conduct Thorough Reviews When Abuse Against Seniors Is Suspected

In many situations, it can be difficult to detect when an older person has been abused. Whether it is due to difficulty communicating or fear of speaking up, negligent care or mistreatment can go unreported for a long time. Gene Robinson has the experience to find out exactly what happened and develop the strongest possible argument whether the matter is resolved through a settlement or at trial.

Contact an Experienced Attorney for Advice on Cases of Elder Abuse & Neglect

At Gene Robinson Law PLC, we seek damages for elderly victims of abuse and neglect. If you or a loved one has suffered in this way, call us at (703) 224-8282 or contact us online to set up a phone consultation or meet with us in-person at our office in Arlington, Virginia, office.