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We Can Assist With Transferring Decision-Making Authority in Cases of Incapacity

Choosing the right person to serve as your Power of Attorney is a very important decision. It is imperative that you appoint someone you trust completely.

This person may be called on to pay your bills, manage your investments, pay your mortgage, decide where you live, direct your medical decisions, and even decide who may visit you if you are at risk for financial exploitation, physical or emotional harm.

A well-designed medical or financial Power of Attorney is the first safeguard against the unexpected. Creating a Power of Attorney is one of the most proactive actions you can take before a medical or financial crisis happens.

By executing a Power of Attorney, when you still have the mental capacity to make sound decisions, you are ensuring your future well-being in the event you become temporarily or permanently disabled.

A Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) serves the same function as a Power of Attorney, however, a Durable Power of Attorney is effective even if you become incapacitated.

Having a Durable Power of Attorney may eliminate the need to have the court appoint a guardian or conservator for you.

Often our clients designate a child or friend to serve as their Power of Attorney.  However, sometimes our clients do not wish to do this. There may be underlying reasons why it is prudent to name an independent and professional person to serve in this trusted role.

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Mr. Robinson has significant experience serving in this trusted capacity for clients including:

  • Financial management. When your loved one is incapacitated, bills and taxes still come due. Your loved one may have financial assets, such as stocks, stock options, bonds, or royalties, which require oversight. Having the authority to manage your loved one’s finances if necessary provides greater financial security. Older adults who are forgetful or susceptible to phone scams can also benefit from a loved one overseeing their bank accounts.

  • Representation for legal and business matters. Small business owners and individuals involved in litigation are faced with numerous choices. These decisions, which must often be made on a daily basis, can have serious consequences. Even if your loved one is not ready to step away from day-to-day management of business and legal matters, executing power of attorney is a prudent contingency plan.

  • Authorizing medical decisions. When a medical crisis strikes, many families are unsure about the extent of lifesaving treatment the injured or ill person would have wanted. Every adult should have a medical directive explaining their wishes clearly and specifying someone to carry out their desires when they can’t communicate.

We work closely with you and your loved one to evaluate each area where power of attorney is advisable and to provide you with comprehensive coverage for any foreseeable emergency.

Sensitive Counsel Experienced With Reluctant Seniors

It can be difficult to talk to a senior loved one about the need for power of attorney documents. Many are loathe to admit they may need assistance, especially from their children, and are uncomfortable even considering a reversal of roles that puts them under their children’s authority. At Gene Robinson Law, PLC, we are very familiar with this dynamic and can advise you on effective ways to broach the subject with your elderly loved ones.

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A loved one’s illness, injury or infirmity can leave them vulnerable to financial losses and serious threats to their health. A carefully drafted power of attorney can give you and your loved one greater peace of mind. Call Gene Robinson Law, PLC at (703) 224-8282 or contact us online to schedule a consultation by phone or in-person at our conveniently located office in Arlington, Virginia.