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  • Faith Powell Paralegal

Faith Powell is a paralegal who specializes in estate and trust administration. She is passionate about helping clients navigate the estate administration process, and she is comfortable with the intricate details involved in the probate process. Faith assists clients through every step, from scheduling a qualification appointment to making the final distributions. She strives to be a source of guidance, encouragement, and knowledge for the firm’s clients as they go through these very difficult times in their lives. She is empathetic and dedicated to providing the highest level of service and attention to all clients.

Additionally, Faith prepares and assembles inventories and annual accountings for guardianship and estate administration cases. She works closely with clients to obtain the proper documentation needed to file these accounting reports. She then completes the accounting and files it alongside all corresponding substantiation with the Commissioner of Accounts office. After working on fiduciary accountings for several years, Faith found that she had a passion for the entire process. She greatly enjoys the work and takes pride in every accounting.

Faith is a native of Loudoun County, Virginia. She obtained her bachelors from Randolph College with a double major in Sociology and Philosophy. In her spare time, Faith enjoys painting, gardening, and spending time with her family.