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For more than a decade, our team at Gene Robinson Law, PLC, has assisted clients in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Fairfax, Loudoun County, and Prince William County, Virginia, as well as Washington D.C., in planning for the protection of their loved ones who cannot care for themselves, whether they are minors or incapacitated adults. Ensuring the well-being of these family members is our top priority when setting up guardianships or conservatorships.

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We are experienced in creating the legal structures necessary to provide for the care of a loved one. The principal means are:

  • Guardianships — In Virginia, guardians can be appointed by the court for a person who lacks the capacity to make decisions about his or her physical, mental or medical well-being.

  • Conservatorships — Conservators handle fiduciary decision-making for their wards, such as choices about finances and real estate. In some instances, a conservator may have the authority to enter into contracts or lawsuits on the ward’s behalf.

  • Powers of Attorney and Revocable Trusts — Courts do not always find a guardianship to be appropriate, especially if the prospective ward is still capable of making some reasoned decisions. Instead, courts may prefer that families pursue other means of managing their loved one’s assets or decisions, such as establishing a power of attorney or a revocable trust.

We have extensive experience helping our clients weigh their options for establishing a legal care arrangement and in preparing the documents needed to attain their objectives.

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Respected Arlington Firm Prioritizes Safety for Incapacitated Adults

There are a number of reasons why adults may be considered incapacitated and in need of someone to make legal and medical decisions on their behalf:

  • Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia — The primary role for a guardian in Virginia is to handle healthcare decisions, which is especially important for those with progressive conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Courts typically consider whether the person understands the consequences of their decisions. Simply making poor decisions may not be enough to warrant a guardianship, but the court may consider whether their choices compromise their safety.

  • Adults with disabilities — Persons with disabilities vary greatly in terms of their decision-making abilities, and it is important to preserve individuals’ rights whenever possible. Virginia offers a number of types of guardianships and conservatorships, including full, limited, partial, standby, and emergency guardianship status. We can help you decide what works best for your family.

We can help you make the right choices to ensure your loved one is provided with a protective environment that meets their needs while not infringing on their quality of life. Conversely, if you or someone you know is the subject of a guardianship or conservatorship that you believe is inappropriate, we can help.

At Gene Robinson Law, PLC, we provide advocacy and representation in a wide range of matters related to guardianships and conservatorships for clients in Arlington and the greater Washington metropolitan area:

  • We represent family members in establishing guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one;

  • We defend people who are the subjects of guardianship cases;

  • We serve as a permanent guardian or conservator for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other conditions that have compromised their safety,

  • We serve as guardian ad litem, a neutral lawyer appointed by a judge to represent the interests of an incapacitated person.

We offer our clients extensive advice on multiple aspects of guardianship and conservatorship matters.  We are frequently appointed by various circuit courts to investigate cases and recommend to these courts whether a guardianship is necessary, and if it is, which people will serve in that capacity. You can leverage our vast experience to assist you and your family.

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