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Probate and Estate Administration Lawyers in Arlington, Virginia

Gene Robinson Law, PLC, assists executors and personal representatives in the efficient settling of estates. We also guide clients through the probate process including representing the interests of the estate, excluded heirs or a trustee in contested will litigation.

Skilled Guidance for Estate Administration

Executors and Administrators have a fiduciary duty to ensure that the decedents debts are paid and their assets are distributed appropriately, either in accordance with their Last Will and Testament or in accordance with Virginia codified Intestate Succession Laws. Executors and Administrators are responsible for preparing the following documents for submission to the court, including but not limited to: Notices to heirs and beneficiaries, Affidavits of Notice, Inventory, Estate Gift Tax Return (Form 706), Accountings, Statement in Lieu of Accounting and Estate Income Tax Returns (both Federal and State). Our office has experience assisting executors and administrators with preparing those documents as well as with the probate process and the distribution and collection of estate assets.

Our Arlington attorney advise family members who are named as executors of a will, as well as advise administrators who distribute the assets of people who die without wills. We help people both with the court-administered probate process and with the distribution of assets and collection of receipts. We also represent children and heirs in will contests and in disputes with trustees who are appointed to manage a person's assets and property.

Trustees also have a fiduciary duty (a legal obligation) to act in the best interests of the beneficiary at all times. Trustees face a high level of liability for abusing that duty. When trustees engage in self-dealing or otherwise abuse their duty, family members can seek both the removal of the trustee as well as civil damages for a breach of fiduciary duty.

The duties of the fiduciary (executor named in a will or representative appointed by the probate court if there is no will) can be time-consuming and complex. We advise clients on all aspects of opening and closing the estate of the deceased including:

  • Marshaling assets
  • Paying creditors
  • Liquidating real estate or other property
  • Acquiring proceeds of life insurance policies
  • Distributing assets to heirs
  • Filing tax returns
  • Final accounting
  • Trust administration

Probate Litigation

When an aging parent leaves money and property to someone other than his or her heirs, the heirs can contest the will in several situations: when undue influence was exerted on the testator (the person who makes the will); when there is a lack of testamentary capacity (the testator was not of sound mind); or when any of the required formalities for the proper execution of a will are missing (for example, there are no witness signatures).

A will contest can tear families apart. We tread sensitively while maintaining the legal interests of our client. We can help you resolve litigation involving allegations of undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity and breach of fiduciary duty.

Our goal in estate administration is a swift and sure settlement of the legal affairs with minimum time, expense and disputes.



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